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Weddings are celebrated in a Cabin of 400 square meters. It can host up to 300 persons. It is furnished in the rustic style, also displaying an incredible collection of ethnic plates.

As for the meals, anyone’s whim can be satisfied here, just say what you wish and rest assured the restaurant owners will do their best and will leave no room for improvement. Pick “Voia Boierilor” restaurant if you want the memory of the most important day in your life to become an unforgettable souvenir.

The parking (an aspect not to disregard in picking a restaurant for weddings/parties) is a very spacious one.

The cost depends on the menu chosen and includes nothing to be paid extra, nor rent, nor service, nor kitchen’s commission nor terrace or yard use.

The price is around 550 MDL per person.

Special offer on behalf of the restaurant – on the second day after the wedding the godparents are inviting all guests for the chicken soup!

ATTENTION: Valid only for those who will celebrate their weddings on SUNDAYs

Free movement in time and space is guaranteed only at “Voia Boierilor” restaurant.